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With our highly trained and brilliant woodwork staff here at Avenbury Care Farm our clients get lots of opportunity to really get stuck into something a little different. Sitting off the river banks our River Hut has the most peaceful and tranquil setting. We have two shave horses where our staff can help our visitors safely learn some eco woodwork whilst enjoying the sounds of the birds and the water. Making wooden flowers, woven benches and wooden sculptures, this is all a start to lots more that will be created here at the Farm. Imagination is endless when working outdoors, we encourage more outdoor activities to help our visitors to be more active and to take some time to reflect on the natural surroundings. We have seen a huge difference in our visitors' concentration and motivation when being amongst nature. Where possible, our visitors have had improved moods and full smiles when doing woodwork down in the River Hut.

For some of our visitors also having the opportunity to help with maintenance jobs has really boosted their sense of achievement and independent learning. Being guided and taught to use a hammer and nails to hang up pictures, fix broken fences or build a storage box, we have seen so many proud faces when completing tasks such as this. Helping others solve problems and getting stuck into developments around the Farm helps our visitors connect with each other when working as a team.